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Attila Pataky

Attila pataky

Attila Pataky has been the front man of the famous Hungarian band, EDDA MÜVEK, for nearly 30 years. Besides his passion for music, he has a second secret to his success: BEMER!

With BEMER, not only is he fitter and more motivated on the stage, but he also reduces his recovery time following strenuous performances. So that he is able to give brilliant performances to his fans for a long time.



Treatment in case of sickness, supporting the immune response, and activation of self-healing capacity by stimulating microcirculation.


Positive effect on the general sense of well-being, health and sleep. All this results in a higher quality of life.

Improved performanceImproved performance

Supporting metabolism for increased performance, strengthening the response capacity, reducing the risk of sports injuries, and faster regeneration.