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Frequently asked questions

What is Physical Vascular Therapy?

The purpose of BEMER Therapy equipment is to increase the limited frequency of contraction of small and very small precapillary arterial blood vessels (<100 microns), thus improving blood distribution in the capillary network of the microcirculation.
With the electromagnetic fields generated by a weakly pulsating special multidimensional signal configuration, the BEMER products are suitable for stimulating the vasomotor (rhythmic contraction) of small and very small blood vessels in living organisms. The mechanism of action of Physical Vascular Therapy consists of the transmission of a special, patented and multidimensionally configured signal (the BEMER-specific signal).
This special signal is transported into the body by an electromagnetic field. Thus, the BEMER signal is the "active ingredient", not the electromagnetic field.
By way of certain biorhythmic modulations, sometwhat larger blood vessels in the surrounding tissue are also affected synergistically. This results in a more favorable microcirculatory blood flow in the treated organisms. The results: improved function of the natural regulatory mechanisms, strengthening of the immune system, better production of the body's antioxidants and an influence on protein synthesis. The BEMER technology can be used to provide alleviation of conditions. It causes an improvement of the microcirculation and thus helps obtain a significant therapeutic effect in living organisms.

What are elctromagnetic fields?

Electromagnetic fields are generated by electromagnetic interaction.
Wherever ions or electrons move, i.e. where a current flows, a magnetic field is generated perpendicular to the flow's direction. In turn, this magnetic field exerts a force on electrically charged particles.

Does that mean there will be an electrical current flowing through my body?

No. The unit is subject to relevant approvals pertaining to the electrical safety of medical devices.

Why do magnetic fields penetrate the human body?

Low-frequency pulsating magnetic fields, such as those used in magnetic therapy have, since they propagate at the speed of light, wavelengths of several thousand kilometers. Because of this very large wavelength, they penetrate all substances, including the human body. However, an electromagnetic field weakens very quickly with increasing distance, i.e. it loses intensity.

Can I safely apply the BEMER system in my waterbed?

A waterbed does not interfere or contra-indicate the use of the BEMER Therapy.

Can I exaggerate the BEMER Therapy and harm my body?

The BEMER Therapy supports the healing powers of the body and helps a microcirculation impaired due to age or illness by stimulating it. In a "healthy" organism in which everything works, BEMER Therapy can stimulate blood circulation, but not over-stimulate it, and can thus strengthen the body's regulatory mechanisms and keep it healthy for a longer period.
In a "sick" organism, BEMER Therapy stimulates microcirculation and thus the blood circulation and the supply and disposal of the cells so that they can be improved again.

I have heard about the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution. Does BEMER increase it?

So far, there is no widely accepted scientific evidence for the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution on people. Up to now, generally the thermal effect of high frequency on water-containing tissue has been proven. All possible effects on cell assemblies and a possible resonance in single cells are still awaiting conclusive proof. All alleged effects in the brain or along the nerve pathways are also thus far unproven.
In a statement by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection on various publicly discussed studies that indicate possible damage caused by electromagnetic radiation, all studies without exception have been found fault with on grounds of several methodological errors or lack of repeatability of the alleged results.
The fact is that all of our products (especially the power supply) are subject to the extremely stringent EMC guidelines (electromagnetic compatibility) for medical devices and comply with the values ​​defined therein.