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The BEMER market

The need for health, a feeling of well-being and increased performance knows no bounds and is also not only common among older people. An ever-increasing target group is now confronted with exactly such problems that can be solved using BEMER technology. And this all over the world. It is not only independent business prognoses that confirm the high turnover potential of BEMER products – a look at the present situation is sufficient to confirm the following: The people that BEMER has come to know and discovered up till now represent only the tip of the turnover iceberg. There is a great deal still to be done – and even more to be earned. Why should you build on BEMER and not on a competing product? Quite simple actually: There are no competing products. Even university lecturer Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Klopp, one of the leading figures in the area of microcirculation research, confirms: “BEMER technology is the best researched and most effective physical treatment method in its area that is available to medicine today.” If you are working with BEMER, you are working with an unparalleled top-quality product.

Whether you have been looking for lucrative secondary income for some time now, want to combine practical and economical considerations as a doctor or therapist through the additional sales of BEMER products, or have always cherished the dream of becoming your own boss: With BEMER you can now achieve your goal. We offer you the perfect opportunity to get involved in our sales for every situation in life. As an independent, full-time or part-time BEMER partner.

Your career options:

  • Sell BEMER products part-time while earning a welcome additional source of income.
  • Leveraging your organisational ambitions you manage your own sales group, supervise further business partners and receive an appropriate share of their sales.
  • Do you see your future in management? Then by all means feel free to apply for a position as team manager at BEMER. In this position, you will be responsible for numerous sales groups and can be promoted to the position of organisational manager.

With excellent professional and financial prospects. BEMER sales not only provides you with the necessary freedom, but also loads of opportunities. You will be given a comprehensive induction, receive training as a medical product advisor at the BEMER Academy and have an experienced BEMER sales professional at your side for any important questions that may arise, especially at the beginning. Numerous events and seminars as well as efficient tools for your daily sales round out our numerous offers of support. Regardless of whether you prefer to take it slowly at BEMER to begin with or go all out from the start: You need not worry about taking risks, as your initial investment in your new business is minimal. After all, it is not your money that interests us, but your career.


  • BEMER technology is the result of years of research and is constantly being optimised and developed at a terrific pace.
  • BEMER cannot be copied, our technology is protected by numerous patents.
  • BEMER takes its work, whether internal or external, very seriously and enjoys an accordingly solid reputation.
  • BEMER provides professional public relations, creating many a sales opportunity.
  • BEMER offers partners professional marketing and advertising concepts, thus handing them the tools with which they can increase their competitive sales edge.

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